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Frontier Airlines Offers Affordable Flight Options

Frontier Airlines, an affordable air carrier from the United States, operates flights to over 100 destinations throughout North America including US cities like Denver International Airport. Their main hub can also be found there.

Types of Cabins:

  • Basic Economy: Basic Economy is the simplest and least costly way to travel; however, its amenities may be more limited than in higher cabin classes. While you are allowed to bring one carry-on bag and personal item free of charge, checked baggage costs extra and seat selection must be purchased.
  • Economy Class: Economy class offers the ideal blend of price and comfort, including free carry-on baggage allowance as well as advanced seating selection for an additional fee. Economy offers additional perks as you're also allowed to reserve seats before traveling - an added benefit that makes this class appealing to frequent flyers!
  • Stretch Class: If you prefer more legroom and amenities, Stretch Class is for you! With priority boarding, free checked bag transport and complimentary drinks and snacks included as perks, Stretch Class guarantees more legroom onboard!

Baggage Policy:

  • Carry-on: Your carry-on bag must not weigh more than 35 lbs and must fit within specific size dimensions. If it exceeds these limits, you will be charged an extra fee.
  • Checked Bags: Checked bags may weigh up to 50 lbs and must not exceed 62 linear inches in length; additional fees apply for overweight or oversized bags.

Frontier Miles Program:

Frontier's Miles program lets you earn miles for every flight taken and use them towards discounts or even free trips later on! You can then redeem these miles as discounted travel.

Check-In Options with Frontier Airlines:

  • Web Check-In: To save time when checking in for your flight, check online up to 48 hours in advance, choosing and printing out your boarding pass.
  • Mobile Check-In: Additionally, Frontier's Mobile App can make checking in easier while on the move - perfect if your time is tight!

Food & Beverages:

Frontier Airlines does not include meals as part of its ticket price; rather they provide an a-la-carte menu where passengers can purchase snacks, meals and alcoholic beverages as needed onboard the aircraft.

Travel with Children:

Frontier Airlines provides an accommodating child policy designed to accommodate families. Infants under two can fly free on your lap on domestic flights while for international journeys they require both seats and car seats as well as special meals tailored specifically for kids.

Travel with Pets:

Small dogs and cats may travel in your cabin at no additional charge as long as they meet certain requirements and travel in an approved pet carrier. There may be restrictions regarding breed or destination restrictions so make sure you do your research prior to booking your flight!

Customer Support:

Frontier Airlines provides customer support through various channels such as phone, live chat and email. Their representatives can assist with everything from booking flights to making modifications on existing reservations.

Flight Change Policy:

Frontier Airlines allows free changes within 24 hours after booking; after 24 hours you may incur fees to change it.

Booking Your Flight with Frontier Airlines Is Easy:

Frontier Airlines makes booking flights easy! Simply visit their website, enter your travel details, compare fares and select the flight that meets all of your requirements.

Frontier Airlines is an ideal solution for budget travellers searching for comfortable yet cost-effective air travel options. Their selection of fare, baggage options and amenities is sure to find a flight to suit both their budget and their travelling style.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Can I Locate Frontier Airlines Fares?
    Visit FJourneymasters for all of your flight travel needs and we guarantee the lowest fare available to our clients. With national and international relationships in place, our website houses cheap Frontier Airlines flight tickets at attractive discounts compared to others on offer. Alternatively, take advantage of free subscription to Frontier's mailing list which notifies of price changes, special offers or loyalty program membership notifications; or subscribe directly.
  • What are the Benefits of the Frontier Airlines Program?
    Frontier Miles allows members of Frontier airlines' loyalty program, enabling them to collect one point for every mile travelled with Frontier airlines and redeem those points for benefits such as flight ticket booking or upgradation, airport privileges such as airport and onboard meal benefits and airside lounge access, car booking or hotel stays.
  • I want to take my pet on my flight. What does that entail?
    Travellers with domesticated cats and dogs aged at least eight weeks can bring them onto United States flights in the cabin - however they must be stored inside an approved container and locked securely within. International flights only permit cats and dogs. Transportation fees apply separately for domestic pets that meet these criteria.
  • Can I receive a refund of my reservation made just recently?
    Frontier Airlines refund and cancellation policies allow a full refund if cancellation occurs within 24 hours, in cases such as death in the family, refund tickets purchased through Frontier, or booking errors on Frontier airlines' part. Cancellations that occur outside 24 hours may incur fees depending upon fare type and cabin class booked for.
  • Are You Facing Travel Insurance Claims and Need Help Now?
    Travel Guard provides inflight travel insurance. Reach them for any inquiries related to it by dialing (866-385-4849) and visiting
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